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The Dark Room
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I Appreciate Everyone for stopping by my to check out my sanity/passion on display loll..... I didn't want to have a basic blog that i see out there a lot where people blog about celebs 24/7, thats what celebrity TV is for, i'll post about celebs but not 95% of the time...... I'm more about social issues/human rights/random funny shit too. I like my world balanced.... I welcome all opinions whether i agree or not, Speak Your Wrong Mind! hahahaaa ...Enjoy

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What The Fuck is Sanity?

Be Relentless With Your Vision.. Create With Repetitive Passion
Create Insanely and Love Loosing your Mind to Express your Freedom

Sanity has No Place in Imagination
Being Meticulous is a Must
If You’re Not Producing A Vision Built with Quality what Reason do I have to Support You?

Writers Block?? The fuck is that?

Keep Writing and Think Outside of Your Comfort
Let your mind go Absolutely Anywhere and Keep Writing

Think Less about Your Next Line|Rhyme|Connection to what’s Written Previous and Envision more Images Outside of Your Comfort or Tunnel Sight

Imagination Doesn’t Identify with “writers block”

Be Self

Follow Every One and Fail When Everyone Fails and Be Lost

Be Someone You’re Not and Be Lost With Other Unhappy Lost People
Support Everyone to Build Your Personal Strength and End Up Weak and Flake Like Everyone who Has No Identity or Understanding of Self

Fool Yourself to Love Things Everyone Loves to be Accepted by Others who Wouldn’t Dare to Discover Self from Fear of Loosing Importance to Others

Fool Yourself into Thinking That Having Courage to be Yourself Against What’s Popular Isn’t Possible

You Can Easily Be Other or Definitively Be Self|Individual|Unique